Custom Skateboard art: Skateboards For Hope

 Custom Skateboard art: Skateboards For Hope  

Custom Skateboard art


Over the past week I’ve had the pleasure of working on some custom skateboard art, for Skateboards for hope. Skateboards for hope is an organization that helps the less fortunate by donating skateboards to those in need. Countries such as Uganda, Cuba, and Kanasetake First Nations reserve in Quebec will benefit from this project, with the help of Montreal artists from all disciplines.


To celebrate this noble cause, Fresh paint gallery will host an exhibition featuring 40 custom skateboards on display. For my own custom skateboard art, I wanted to create something edgy but eye catching. As a result I chose to paint, two creepy cartoony faces in different shades of brown. The camouflage pattern was the vocal point of the deck, with colourful shapes, and electric pink outlines around the faces. Furthermore I wanted to keep my custom skateboard art clean, to make it aesthetically pleasing. In my opinion, skateboard art should be bold, brash, and reflect the urban city lifestyle of skate culture.


custom skateboard art


Having worked on charitable events in the past, it always feels good to give back to those in need. Skateboards for Hope is a great initiative that directly speaks to the interest of urban youth. The organization sets out to help children of poverty, by giving them skateboards, and building communities. I feel honoured to be a part this event, and to utilize my artistic talents to inspire. Most of all, I want to thank Fresh paint gallery, for giving me this opportunity. They have been an integral part of helping my artistic practice for many years now. Below is a link to the event page on Facebook, Which takes place on December 8th at 7pm. Furthermore is a link to the Skateboards for hope website, be sure to check it out!




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