Urban art, The creation of ” Rejuvenation “

Urban art: The creation of  “Rejuvenation”

 For my first behind the brush entry, I will talk about my latest Urban art piece Rejuvenation. A symbolic piece dealing with the concept of destroying and rebuilding. First off, I randomly sketched a shape on a a piece of wood I found during the Summer. I then had the shape cut out by a carpenter, once he returned it to me; I was all set. After looking at the shape for a few days, I had no idea what I wanted to create, then inspiration struck!! With my Surreal landscape pieces forming the basis of what I set out to accomplish, I began sketching small thumbnails with pen in tow, of a landscape embedded in the shape. This was challenging at first, but after a few drawings I was satisfied with the rough idea. The sketch was then applied to the wood, and ready to paint. For the colour  palette, I decided on pastel blues and pinks, with the vibrant purple and electric pink added for pop. As for the line work, I mixed in India ink, with black acrylic paint and fleshed out the details, which to me, is always the most satisfying part of completing a piece. The main concept for the painting focuses on two bulbous like characters ” boy and girl ” rebuilding a strange new world. This concept can also be seen as a metaphor for someone who is going through a transitional phase in their life. Getting rid of all the negativity (to make way for more positive endeavours. Somewhat of a personal reflection of my own life at the moment, Rejuvenation was a fun piece to paint, and I look forward to doing more Surreal landscape shape pieces in the near future.





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